Monday, 21 September 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (episode 24)

King Bradley's failure to execute the Prince of Xing made the first appearance of Pride, not in person but through a voice. A figure of his adopted son, Selim is shown for the first time. Back to where it ends on the previous episode, Gluttony went ballistic and attempted to eat Mustang for revenge. The Elric brothers and Lin Yao decided to leave Gluttony to them until Envy arrived and both brothers and Lin Yao had separate battles against two homunculi. Meanwhile, the colonel went to Central to seek a way to avenge Hughes and he finally understands how corrupt the military of Amestris is. The battles weren't exactly successful because both Ed and Lin end up in a pool of blood of the glutton.

Another cliff-hanger episode of the series. It wasn't as emotional and tense as the previous one, but it's certainly understandable due to the new circumstances most characters are having. The appearance of Pride and re-appearance of Dr. Marcoh will determine where the plot is going. This episode made a clear flow at the very beginning but still left us watchers in questions. Although, the conversation between Envy and Dr. Marcoh had a rough similarity with the first anime. I wonder whether it will take us to the same direction. Anyway, I still thought Brotherhood wins!

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